Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection, US

Second-cycle studies in English for foreign and Polish students.
Full-time studies

- Plant biotechnology
- Environmental biotechnology

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During the second cycle-studies in biotechnology, completed by the defense of master thesis, students learn, under the supervision of the promoter, how to pose and solve problems concerning plant and environmental biotechnology and conduct scientific research. Within the frame of chosen department students take part in Specialization laboratories and MSc laboratories as well as Specialization and MSc seminars. The master project is the first one that students conduct, to great extent, by themselves and it is closely related to the research profile of the department. Specialization and MSc laboratories which are crucial in this process take place in modern, fully equipped departmental laboratories. Specialization and MSc seminars provide theoretical support, necessary for a proper realization of the master project. The aim of these seminars is to teach students how to plan the scientific experiments as well as how to prepare, discuss and present the results of research. Additionally, each student acquires advanced knowledge taking part in the obligatory modules: bioinformatics, bioethics, statistical methods in natural sciences, plant and microbial biotechnology. Apart from the obligatory modules, number of facultative modules enables students to individualize the course of studies according to their personal interests and chosen specialization. Qualifications acquired at this field of study are the basis for applying for mid-level managerial posts in laboratories and institutions connected with food and pharmaceutical industry, as well as in the area of health care, environmental protection, plant breeding, pest control and in similar branches of science and economy. The second-cycle studies also prepare the graduates to continue their education at the next level of education i.e. PhD studies in the same or similar area.