Advanced methods in biotechnology and biodiversity



Subject Department
Advanced methods in animal biodiversity (research) Zoology
Advanced methods in plant ecophysiological research Ecology
Advanced Molecular Cytogenetics Plant Anatomy and Cytology
Advanced statistical methods in natural sciences Ecology
Analytical scanning electron microscopy in biological and environmental researches Scanning Electron Microscopy Lab (SEM-Lab)
Arthropods diversity and conservation Zoology
Biomarkers in monitoring exposure and effects of xenobiotics in the environment Animal Physiology and Ecotoxicology
Biophysical aspects of plant growth and development Biophysics and Morphogenesis of Plants
Chromatin immunostaining methods Plant Anatomy and Cytology
Contemporary methods monitoring the history of contamination of the natural environment Ecology
Cyto- and histochemical analysis of embryonic animal tissues Animal Histology and Embryology
Effective presentation workshop Animal Physiology and Ecotoxicology
Microorganisms in the environment and their use in biotechnology Microbiology
Modern methods in teaching of biology Teaching of Biology
Molecular methods in plant and animal biodiversity research Botany and Nature Protection
Patch Clamp Studies in Plant Cell Plant Physiology
Plant functional genomics Genetics
Plant invasions: species biology, ecological threat and ecosystem management Botany and Nature Protection
Plant morphogenesis in vivo and in vitro Genetics
Population and succession studies of Central European lowland ecosystems Ecology
Practical bioinformatics Genetics
Techniques for biodiversity of soil microorganisms Microbiology
The design of field, cultivation and controlled environment experiments in ecology Botany and Nature Protection
Theoretical framework of forest restoration Ecology